Repress of Graf Orlock's "Destination Time Yesterday"

The moronic endeavor that started the Gorlock trilogy and eventually led to some of the most ridiculous ideas this side of hardcore, this thing is coming back. Originally released in 2006 on Level-Plane Records (before it ceased to exist and disappeared into the ether), there were some represses and maybe others we weren't even told about. In the interim 11 years we made this label so we don't have to have anyone else put out anything ever.  This is celebratory in other ways as well as this will be 50th Vitriol release, which is something special for those of us who through stupid, unquenchable drive refuse to give up regardless of the financial pitfalls. Since June 2009, 50 7"s, books, LPs, Cds, Tapes and whatever the shit else has been put out for better or worse. In terms of documentation and historicism, wow that's cool; in terms of anything else, i guess it's fine. So, more details coming soon about this thing, talking about doing some shows with the whole record and all that, including a typical Graffle for record release fun. Keep your eyes open, etc. More regional shows coming to other areas of the US including the midwest and NW when we feel like it.

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