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Why this day in age does it make sense to produce and attempt to distribute music in the MP3 era? Well, I don't know is a good answer, but if I were to follow instincts I would say that it is an offer to continue our own version of the legacy of triumph and pitfalls that is DIY punk culture (punk of course referring to ethic as opposed to sound). Of course this is hard, of course it is probably a waste of money, of course it is future landfill when we are all dead anyway, but it is a historical recordation of our time now. Playing music is fun, it is exciting and it is an expression. It is marking and documenting a scene of people, a group of bands, a set of writers who all did something that they felt proud of enough to share with each other and the pitiful message board world around them. Many of these people are involved far beyond being marginal members of particular marginal and oft forgetful bands. Some of them organize community efforts, write for magazines, teach people things they don't want to know, create and support shows of bands from 10,000 miles away that they are almost certain they will never see again. To me, this is important. Although I don't believe in the idea of this being a job per say, it is one of sorts in the undying commitment to add to a discourse or dialogue something that each of us somehow feels is missing. It is something that we all put time and money into, exert heat, and ultimately as time goes on, persist in doing whatever the fuck we want to do when we want to do it. The historicization of punk and hardcore in the last decade or so, specifically about the late 70s, early 80s and now late 80s had led to a strange feeling of nostalgia and a memory of something that never really was. In the end, whatever we think of when we look back at this stuff in another decade or two, we will know what it meant to us then and if there is any memory of it in the larger world, how it will be inevitably misconstrued by others. At its crux, it is the relationships and the singularity of playing music with people you love that lies as the heart of all of it. Why you leave and the people you come back to. I still heartily believe in the maxim we started with in 2009: Write what you want to read, play what you want to hear.

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