Vitriol is a group of relative stains from the Southern California/Los Angeles area. This project was started as an attempt to maintain the highest level of autonomy, with friends and collaborators, in the most legit way we could. Vitriol Records was started in Spring of 2009 and since has allowed us in many ways to reach out all over the globe with bands and a network of people practicing DIY worldwide. Including bands from 4 different continents and nearly 50 releases, the "luck" of subsistence, and a devil-may-care "born to lose" ethos is bound to run its course relatively soon. This is the best place to find out info about the releases, when new stuff is coming, etc. For the most part I will post tour dates and shows here and the Vitriol Facebook page being that most of the bands here don't have individual FB pages. 

If you have a burning question that your brain simply can’t figure, get in touch: jason@graforlock.com



Resident shitheads gleefully awaiting extinction in the peanut gallery of history

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Where will these very same shitheads be in the near future?

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