Two new releases for Spring 2017. Graf Orlock and Endzweck


This will be a kind of cusp for the label. This Spring in that I will be putting out the 50th release since 2009. This in fact is a little misleading because it will be a repress of the pointless and confusing "classic of garbage" that is "Destination Time Yesterday" 2007 (originally on Level-Plane which is now since defunct). This Spring also brings the American LP pressing of Endzweck's "Tender is the Night". Endzweck are our dudes from Tokyo that have done so much good work for hardcore and hardcore bands that it is ridiculous. To boot they have the ability to weave tight melodic nuances into short hardcore blasts. They will be touring the US in late Summer/Fall and this release will be ready for them. It is already at press and the Gorlock one will get there when I feel like it.