New Ghosti Record in the works

New shits in the works for Ghosti. Not sure if it is going to be an LP or a length EP, will see how far we get by the end of summer. This shit is a ripper for fuckin' sure. I don't know what to say about it other than it makes sense, but is going in different directions regardless. For the tens of you interested, this does not mean weak, it means riff laden majesties of ridiculous drumming and ceaseless rage. That being said, it has been a pleasing morning. 


Graf Orlock Tour for the SW-Central in March w Horse the Band

Can check this out in the shows page, but here is a list of where Graf Orlock will be in March-April as well as a few extra shows here and there: 

Mar 24 – San Diego, CA at Soda Bar

Mar 25 – Phoenix, AZ at Valley Bar 

Mar 26 – Albuquerque, NM at Launchpad

Mar 27 – El Paso, TX at Lowbrow Palace

Mar 27- El Paso, TX Late Show TBA

Mar 28 – Dallas, TX at RBC

Mar 29 – Houston, TX at Walter's Downtown

Mar 30 – Austin, TX at the Sidewinder 

Mar 31 – New Orleans, LA at Castillo Blanco 

Apr 1 – Atlanta, GA at Drunken Unicorn 

Apr 7 – Los Angeles, CA at Union 


June 16-July 2 Asian Tour (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan) 

Aug 17 Psychofest Preparty Show at Hardrock Pool (?, !), Las Vegas 

Two new releases for Spring 2017. Graf Orlock and Endzweck


This will be a kind of cusp for the label. This Spring in that I will be putting out the 50th release since 2009. This in fact is a little misleading because it will be a repress of the pointless and confusing "classic of garbage" that is "Destination Time Yesterday" 2007 (originally on Level-Plane which is now since defunct). This Spring also brings the American LP pressing of Endzweck's "Tender is the Night". Endzweck are our dudes from Tokyo that have done so much good work for hardcore and hardcore bands that it is ridiculous. To boot they have the ability to weave tight melodic nuances into short hardcore blasts. They will be touring the US in late Summer/Fall and this release will be ready for them. It is already at press and the Gorlock one will get there when I feel like it.

New things coming

Next shows coming up: 

March 10 Graf Orlock, Dangers, and Never Young in Los Angeles

March 12 Dangers in LA @ the Echo with Fucked Up and No Age

Also in news of things coming, just sent off the material for VIT049 Endzweck "Tender is the Night" LP, coming when it gets done. 

Stay alive in the increasingly shitty world.