Since 2009 Vitriol has out put records or books from people in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and many other places. Below is a list and description of those bands as well as a list of their released material with the label. 

Adult Books: from Los Angeles, a mix of surf-stylized garage-rock. Released self-titled 7" in 2013. Features members of Children of God and home-team member of Graf Orlock. Released an new LP "Running from the Blows" on Lollipop Records in 2015. 



Asphalt Graves: Brutal death/grind from former and current members of Misery Index, GWAR, Dying Fetus and Black Dahlia Murder. "The New Primitive" LP/CD released June 2016. 



Birds in Row: from Laval, France, released "Rise of the Phoenix" 7" 2010, "Cottbus" LP 2011, and "Collected" LP 2011. Melodic, somewhat inspired by the early 2000s hardcore three-piece, now on the Deathwish roster and has since released two more records.

Buyer's Remorse: A punk band from LA along the lines of old LA, newer SD, and somewhat Scandinavian, BR features members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, Death Hymn Number 9 and others. Released "A Thorough Analysis" 7" in 2010 and "No Patience" EP CS in 2015. 

Comadre: Long time friends and tour compatriots of Graf Orlock, Comadre existed for a long time out of the Bay Area. Featuring members who would later go on to form Everybody Row as well as world reknowned producer extraordinaire Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden. Comadre/Glasses double 7" split in 2010, the"Cold Rain" 7" in 2012 and "Comadre" LP  in 2013. 

Dangers: One of the more dynamic bands on the tour, local morons from the LA area have toured a lot of places and released a decent amount of shit. A repress of "Anger" came out in 2010, "Messy, Isn't It?" LP 2010, "Five O'Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World" 7" 2013, S/T EP 7" Repress 2013, and "Kiss With Spit" 7" in 2016.

Drowning with Our Anchors: Band of good shits from the Bay Area that fell somewhere between the mid-2000s and City of Caterpillar. Released the Drowning with Our Anchors/Maladie 10" Split in 2010. 



Endzweck: Solid melodic hardcore from Tokyo that still through the last 20 years have not lost their optimistic joy in life. Been in the mix for decades and one of the few crews still pushing DIY in Japan, Endzweck are set to release the "Tender is the Night" LP on Vitriol in Spring 2017.


Earth Control (nee Owen Hart): A band from Tacoma that comes in an out of the activity radar but is brutal and sick as all hell when they do. Taking up the mostly metal-tinged side of hardcore and originally called Owen Hart (prior to a cease and desist), the released "Earth Control" LP/CD in 2011. Since renamed Earth Control to avoid annoying lawsuits.

Everybody Row: Made up of members of the 2013 deceased Comadre, Everybody Row was a logical extension of the Comadre full-length in that it took on a more experimental style than previous and included a focus on soul that had only been hinted at on earlier releases. Although short lived it included the prominent use of an organ and shared multi-gender vocals. Released "The Sea Inside" 7" in June 2014 and broke up in 2015. Thanks.

Fischer: Initially a two-piece from Santa Cruz, while never sensible made sense in terms of touring. Released many 7"s and benefits as well as a 10" split with Ghostlimb in 2009, the second Vitriol release. I rue the day this band broke up (thanks again), and members went on to The Exquisites and several other projects.


Forming: This band was always an outlier in the label roster, but was made up of people who had served or continue to serve time in bands like Ghostlimb, Warm Thoughts, Buyer's Remorse, the Molochs, etc etc etc. One of the most promising bands to come out of this unit of people who never really ended up doing much in the end but they did leave us with a fantastic S/T 7" in June 2010 and a few extra songs to go with it. Neal Sharma from Ghostlimb played in Forming and later went on to head High Water and his solo projects along similar lines. 

Ghostlimb: I suppose I can't objectively write about this band, but it has been one of my loves of reckless abandon for over a decade now. Ghostlimb formed as a two-piece in 2005 but then morphed into a three piece with the edition of Neal around 2006 or so. This band was in direct response to Graf Orlock which had come about in 2004 or so and had shunned all melodicism and non-nihilism. Ghostlimb was everything gorlock was not in aim and sound and although had at times two shared members, it sought to focus on history, politics, urban theory, ecology and the like, while sticking to the heavy and more well rounded musically. With edition of Alex McLeod on drums in 2010 the internal workings of the band clicked harder. Stylistically, the drumming allowed the band to go in new and different directions. Everything this band ever put out was on this label, S/T CD 2006, "Bearing and Distance" CD (Lp on Adagio830) 2008, Ghostlimb/Fischer split 10" 2009, "Infrastructure" LP 2011, "Confluence" LP 2012, "Difficult Loves" LP 2016. 

Glasses: Formed in 2008 this band consisted of people from Trainwreck, Perth Express, and the like. Unsurprisingly including 4 members who all wear glasses, this was aimed at fast, somewhat melodic hardcore with a ridiculous drummer. Released Comadre/Glasses 2 x 7" in 2009.

Graf Orlock: If I had to pick one I would say this is the "flagship" band of the label, which was formed to release the the 2009 LP. Going back to the halcyon days of stupidity, Alan and I formed Graf Orlock sometime at the end of 2003, originally based around something with did at other bands' practices called "Dead Babies on 10 Foot Pikes", which in hindsight appears insensitive. Anyways, this band reacted against everything that was melodic metal at the time and sought to find a way to express ideas through something that just confused people: movies. As time went on and the band toured in over 30 countries I would like to believe that some of that has changed, but I will bet against us on that one. Contains members of Ghostlimb, Dangers, Bouquet, and probably every other band you have heard related to this label. Released a couple of records on our own fake label in 2004 and 2005 (Gunslap Records), Dude Records, and a few released on Level-Plane and Adagio830/Vendetta out of Berlin. Vitriol released "Destination Time Today" LP 2009, "Doombox" 10"/Cd 2011, "Los Angeles" 7" 2012, "Trailer" 7" 2015, "Crimetraveler" LP 2016. 

Greyskull: A band containing future members of Graf Orlock and Earth Control, Greyskull hailed from beautiful Tacoma, Wa. They eventually split in 2007 and Gorlock stole Sven away to L.A. Re-released the Graf Orlock/Greyskull "Backpack Lp" after tie dissolution of Dude Records in favor of Dj-ing or whatever the fuck people do these days.

Griever: Organized sometime in 2009 out of the wreckage of Lewd Acts, Griever was a more stoned out, guitar driven band than LA, while also exploring a different side of the mix between Bazan and Torche. Released "Inferior" 10" in 2011 and "Our Love is Different" Lp in 2015. Way too good to be ignored, stop ignoring this band, they are good.

High Water: Members of Ghostlimb, Fischer, and 100 other bands from around the Bay Area, it's logical conclusion to many projects Neal Sharma had worked on over the years. If you take this with work in Forming and later Neal Sharma & The Sagebrush full-lengths you begin to see a trajectory of song writing and aim that finds its nexus in the exploration of the role of humans in the ecological world around them. Released "High Water" LP in 2014. 

Holy: Vicious motherfuckers from Milan, Italy. Holy were a mix of D-Beat and fast. Broke up in 2015 or so and members went on to serve time in Punch (Briefly), Odio, Torso, Class, etc etc. Released "Seclusion MMXIV" LP in 2014 (unsurprisingly). 


Lost Lands: Low, heavy, gross, d-beaty, Scandinavian (but different than Buyer's Remorse Scandinavian), the original incarnation of this band was former members of Faded Grey, Stay Gold, and myself along with Bruce. Released two 7"s at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014 "Body of Habit" and "Visible Fissures". These records still rip pretty hard.  After some members left the band continues on under the tutelage of its founder Shay.

Moxiebeat: Eternally sweet people from Riverside who know what they are doing. Sometimes fast, sometimes jammy, always heavy Moxiebeat employed two bass players and a cadre of axes to create noisy and inspired hardcore. Members from Dogs of Ire, Rogue State, et al, released self-titled picturedisc LP in 2013, split with their own label Ethnospine Noise. 

Neal Sharma & The Sagebrush: See Forming, Ghostlimb, and High Water above. Released "Unsatisfied" CD in 2015. 

Reivers: Now defunct band out of Oakland, CA made up of members of Graf Orlock, Negative Standards, Coma, Cell Rot, Exhaaust, et al. Fast,  female-fronted hardcore that lasted from the early 10s to around 2014. Released "Schemata" 7" in 2011. 


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Robotosaurus: from Adelaide Australia, released "Manhater" 10" in 2010, Graf Orlock toured in Australia and US in 2008/2009. In hindsight a group of unbelievable psychos and I love to see them when I can. In some ways notes of Converge but at other times dron-y and a middle finger to the face of classic music organization.

Tempest: Bastards out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Tempest are loud and unrelenting, in the vein if Union of Uranus. Kind of gross and leaving you hard of hearing after watching them play. Solid shits. Released "Solace" 7" in 2012.

Thou: A ridiculously prolific band out of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Thou has been going strong for years now, critically acclaimed by both failed musician critics and people that are actually into music. Released "Ceremonies of Humiliation" 3 x LP, a collection of all of their split material prior to "Summit" in 2014.

Trainwreck: Fast, melodic hardcore band with a tinge of the mid-2000s emotive hardcore thrown in there out of Aachen, Germany. Members would later be involved in Glasses, the Tidal Sleep, and it goes on from there. Solid people who were always down for the cause. Released "If There's Light it Will Find You" LP in 2011. 


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