CELL ROT "Violent Spirals" LP Coming soon, two new tracks to check out

Check out these two tracks off the new CELL ROT lp "Violent Spirals" coming out soon. Shit rips and is gross and Cell Rot is playing this weekend in the Bay so check that out if you live there for some reason. More releases to come! This is a cool record and is heavy as hell/hits in all the right places. Pick it up when it hits. 



Hello Peoples, 

It has been a long while but Gorlock is finally trudging back to the Pacific Northwest for shows at The Blackwater in Portland (May 18 Fri) and the Black Lodge in Seattle (May 19th Sat). Everything should be cool as we are riffing with our old pals in Earth Control (nee Owen Hart) and it should rip hard as hell. 


Misery Index "I Disavow" VIT051 up now for order


Pleased to introduce the new 7" single release from preeminent death/grind/hardcore punk Misery Index.  Following their acclaimed 2014 Full-length "The Killing Gods" Misery Index toured the globe thrashing disparate locales with their own brand of politically fueled rage. This record contains the new single "I Disavow", an opus of blasts and riffing, paving the way for their new LP coming in 2018. The B side is a cover of the 1994 Nailbomb classic "Wasting Away". This is limited to 200 Bone, 300 black. This thing is awesome, very stoked to be putting this out. 

Check out the music on their bandcamp HERE

and you can buy it at the WEBSTORE LINK



Some updates on some internals...

Hello lonely internet denizens. Although in the grand scheme of things the interchanging personnel of our otherwise incestuous clique doesn't matter much, i thought it pertinent to expand on some things as of late. True, any given band is a sum of its parts and hopefully the sum is greater than the individual parts alone. In this case people come into the sphere of a particular band and sometimes leave them, to pursue other things, to clear their head, or just because that spark might not be there for some of the individual parts anymore. I joined Dangers in December 2008 after having known Al since the early 2000s, toured together, done shows together, etc. At the time I was in both Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb which are still functioning entities. Between then and now we did two LPs, three EPs, and a giant chunk of touring, albeit here and there and at strange intervals. We did a lot of things together and in a lot of ways the friction of our personalities and what we were into was at once a driving force and a hideous annoyance. These things are good, these things make experiences, these things remind you that sometimes shit worthwhile is not easy by any means. I appreciate this near decade of doing what we did, and as an enemy of annoying fanfare it was best to do it the way we always wanted to do it. As of December 2017 I am no longer playing guitar in Dangers, but continue on in the other projects and then some. This is amicable of course, and I want the best for my boys as they work on a new LP follow up to the Bend in the Break LP of 2016 and they will certainly do a lot more things to come. This does not in any regard mean the band is breaking up so hold on to your tissues, they will keep on working. Keep your eyes open for a new LP in the future from these assholes and everything else. So, this goes to to all the dudes in the crew over the years, Anthony (Anteony), Chris, Dangl, James, Tim, Alex, and Al. 



Oxford House 1/26/14 by Rob Wallace at Reelnegative.com

Oxford House 1/26/14 by Rob Wallace at Reelnegative.com